Technology integration into daily life is now a bare minimum requirement. It is a part and parcel of daily life. Because of this cultural revolution, every one in our market and else where are all on a rush to catch up with being updated, relevant and abreast with the evolution of the fast growing technologies. Hence to bridge a gap we identified, with Codematrix, we want to provide Technology for Simple pleasure.

We understand technology solutions are not to make life complicated but to simplify the existing situation and add an extra layer of convenience to life.

Mobile application user interface


BIG GRO is a multinational venture promoted by Impel Traders India Pvt Ltd. Cochin, which aims at creation of a global platform for ecommerce for different sectors of retail.

Codematrix built the web and mobile applications for Impel Traders.

CIMMYT works throughout the developing world to improve livelihoods and foster more productive, sustainable maize and wheat farming.

Codematrix built the application for their induction program.

LegalEase Solutions LLC is a US based LPO company that provides high quality managed legal services to US attorneys, law firms and multinational corporations.

Codematrix developed various solutions to streamline their operations digitally.